Fibernet in Sunnemo

Now comes the next generation of technology for telephony, internet and TV!  

Hagfors Kommun, together with Telia signed an agreement on what is called the Open Fiber. Hagfors has suggested suitable sites for the formation of fiber associations, of which Sunnemo is a field.

Now is Sunnemo Fiber Ekonomisk Förening formed. Our hope is that also you choose to join as a member of the association!

Through the association, we can apply for grants for the construction cost, so we are in a rural area may be connected to a low price, whether we should pay it all themselves. Therefore, it is important that you join the association, for the connection of your property during construction. We cannot retrospectively apply, for grants for new connections.

Why go with and what happens to what we have today?

Eventually, fixed telephony and broadband we have today will be removed. To continue to have access to the services that are available today, and it will, needed a reliable connection with high capacity. Then there is no other option than a fiber connection. It also insensitive to the thunder

Through a fiber cable is possible to connect the TV, keep in touch with family and friends wherever they are. Possibility of remote medical care with the wiring of equipment, alarm and monitoring via webcam for example dwelling. This is a fixed cost, which is not limited to the amount of data to be transferred, which is a shortcoming of the mobile solutions.



Sunnemo Fiber Ekonomisk Förening


Anders Johansson/chairmanPeter Björkner/treasurer

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